My 12 year old daughter was complaining about feeling overwhelmed with everything she has to do every day.   We began to talk about the steps she could take do a better job at managing it all.

I figured we could all benefit from what we came up with:

  1. Get enough sleep– Getting enough sleep requires managing your time. It means knowing the difference between the things you have to do and the things you want to. Decide what can actually wait until tomorrow and go to bed! I wrote a mini-ebook called The Art of Going to Bed, which will help!
  1. Eat– It’s hard to eat well all the time. Try eating at least one thing a day with the only intention being that it’s good for you!
  1. Organize– Prepare for tomorrow. Do what you have to do to minimize the chances of unexpected and unwanted surprises.
  1. Pray– Prayer gives birth to hope. Everything’s easier when it’s taken with a little bit of hope.
  1. Entertain Yourself– Having fun doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it just needs to do something that allows you let go, restore and recalibrate!  But remember moderation!

The point is, if you’re like most of us, we tend to always feel like we can do more or be better, no matter how productive we are.

Sometimes managing it all simply means waking up and making a commitment to yourself to do the very best you can today,


and the day after that,

and the day after that,

and the day after that….etc, etc, etc!



MAMAAlma Eugene Oxford is my mother. Everyone called her Jeannie or Mother Oxford. I say she is my mother because even though she no longer has an earthly presence she is always with me, reminding me that “ God knows all things”, Don’t under estimate yourself,  Trust God in all things, etc.

I want to say that she was kind and gentle and wonderful to behold and she was but basically Mama didn’t take any crap from anyone. She was no-non-sense and shot from the hip, so if you didn’t want to know the truth, you wouldn’t ask HER!  And she was gracious and generous and overwhelming compassionate….OMG, thats me!

Mama was a spiritual healer and adviser for many, many people in and around our Community.

She taught my brothers and sisters and I about the power of God through regular prayer services that we had in our living room at home. “Time for prayer!” she’d say as we (my 4 brothers & sisters and I) would reluctantly file in.  She’d sit in the big brown chair against the wall and we would sit scattered across the living room with me at her feet. I’m the “baby”.

Mama began service by singing a song or by having one of us to sing as my brother played the guitar or piano. The rest of us would take turns playing the tambourine.  My go-to song was “When Saints Go Marching In”. I only knew the first verse, so I was done pretty quickly!

She would open her bible and begin to teach us the word of God. I remember the pages of her Bible had become so worn, that they felt like tissue paper and smelled of Joy, the name of the perfume she wore. The pages were soft and fragile but she taught us that that they held the key to all the knowledge and wisdom that we would ever need. But little did I know then, the role the Bible would actual play in saving my life.

We would end service with us having to testify, meaning that each of us would have to stand up and say what we were grateful to God for. And one at a time, we would all stand up and say the same thing; “Thank God for Mama and Daddy, thank God for food and water and thank God for Jesus!” Mama accepted it most times but would sometimes she’d jump in and yell “say something else!”

We were raised in a conservative and strict household, with no boys and no blues! Blues was what we called popular music at the time. I was 18 years before Mama would let me go out with a boy for the first time.

Like most moms, Mama wanted the very best for us and taught us to want the best for ourselves.

Often she would tell the girls, “I don’t know why y’all have to underestimate yourselves.”

At the time, I thought she was referring to our inability to make good choices when it came to men. Now I know she was talking about everything! She meant that we should never underestimate ourselves in any way. She would quote the bible saying, “in my Father’s house there are many mansions”; to remind us that there was nothing that we didn’t have access to, we just had to believe God for it.

So needless to say, when Mama found out I was in a relationship with him, her disappointment was palpable. He was not what she wanted for me and I think she was even more disappointed that he was someone I would accept for myself.

A Lily in the Valley-

Is a really short version of my experience living with domestic violence and how I got out. Beyond that, it tells the story of how I was able to connect with the Spirit of God and began to live the life I was intended. The title is a little corny but it’s pretty accurate.

After reading what I had written, I’ve decided that rather than publish it as a mini eBook, I’d  share it with you, my readers.

Every Sunday over the next several Sundays, I’ll share each chapter with you (Each Approximately 600 Words), hoping that it inspires you to face your own troubles prayerfully, with a little more hope and courage.

You can find the Introduction Here!

Next: Chapter II-

How We Met

As I was searching for inspiration for this post, I ran across a book I started writing last year.  It is a short version of my experience living with domestic violence and how I got out. Beyond that, it tells the story of how I was able to connect with the Spirit of God and began to live the life I was intended. The title is a little corny but it’s pretty accurate.

After reading what I had written, I’ve decided that rather than publish it as a mini eBook, I’d  share it with you, my readers.

Starting tomorrow, Ill post one chapter (approximately 600 words) every Sunday over the next several Sundays.

I hope it inspires you to face your own troubles prayerfully, with a little more hope and courage.

Here is the introduction to start.


It ended with the telephone cord around my neck…

But now, I live a conscious life. My decisions are made from a place of love, Spirit and clarity. And yes, like all of us, I still face challenge and struggle but now my fretting has been replaced with hope, knowing and the use of more common sense.

The path I took was long and hard but I got there.

Here’s a little of my story…

So lately, I’ve been really fascinated by this whole world of planners, filofaxes, and organizers!

I mean there is this HUGE movement of planners and the people who use them. And there seems to be THOUSANDS of them along with an unlimited supply of stickers, markers and what they call “washi tape”  to go along with them!

 Washi tape, pronounced Washy- Tape, is tape that comes in an infinite amount of colors, sizes and designs, used in planners by avid planner users.

(Am I the only one that had no idea what washi-tape was?)


I do realize that people have been using calendars/planners/journals forever but when did it morph into this multi-million, if not billion dollar industry?  And when did we become professional list makers?

Don’t get me wrong, I write about the power of writing things down but when did planning our day become this time consuming and expensive, crafting project !?

But I confess, I am hooked on watching those “Plan with Me” videos!  And as a matter of fact, I have decided to buy one of those fancy pants planners and join the fancy pants planners’ community!

So, as I began to imagine myself using my new luxury planner, I began to realize one very important fact and that is… Washi Tape Won’t Make It Happen!

No matter how fancy the planner or how many stickers you use or how creative you are with your layout, you still have to do the work!

 If the joy of taking the time to create a beautiful, detailed, customized planner helps to motivate you to stay on task and get it all done, then great!

But… if you expect that adding a strip of your favorite washi tape to this weeks’ planning page is going to somehow make the work less or somehow alleviate the effort  and commitment that it’s gonna to take to actually make it happen, then think again!

You’ll probably be better off committing to the tried and true, plain old paper and pen and devoting that extra time and money to the things that really matter!

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on creating a life building course called Family, Friends, Food & Transformation! -How to Get Over Fears & Failures and Finally Get It Done!

 I am really excited about its potential and difference it will make in people’s lives!

 Family, Friends, Food & Transformation! is based on a best practice, evidence based and innovative social work tool to identify solutions from a place of collaboration and strength.

The aim of FFF&T is to unite a support team of family, friends and good food  to empower you to get over established fears and past failures and accomplish your goal.

As a part of my process, I would like to get the input of some of my readers on the overall concept before I finalize everything.

If you are interested in previewing the initial course summary for me  (approximately 600 words), leave a comment below and I’ll reach out to you for the best way to send it over.

Your input can include ideas on the title, is the summary clear and concise, and whether or not you think this tool would be useful and ultimately what do you think you would pay for a course like this.

Thanks so much!

There comes a time when you have to decide that you are going to begin to embrace some positive idea of who you think you are and start your journey forward.

And… there will come a time when those you love and vent your fears and frustrations to, are going to get tired of constantly trying to convince you that “you got this”!

So on behalf of frustrated friends and family everywhere, who have been cheering you on for years and years with no success, either take a deep breath and a small step forward or get a good chair, take several seats and call it a day!

We love you but let’s do this already!

Have you ever took on a new job or project and decided you’d be “smart” and jump ahead thinking that it’d be a great idea to get ahead of the game?

I have…several times and I have to say that more than not, I would have been better off if I’d just stayed on course and took things on as they came.

Anytime you jump ahead without clear and proper instructions or guidance, you’re basically running on assumptions.

Most likely you’ll waste a lot of time and energy taking unnecessary steps or even doing things wrong and you’ll have to start over…ugh!

Wait until you have all the pieces before you start putting the puzzle together!



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