On July 4th, we celebrate our Country’s Declaration of Independence.  We celebrate freedom and liberty!

In our day to day-ness, our freedom to set our path and make our own choices, is the foundation on which the quality of our lives is built.  But with this freedom however, there is a tremendous responsibility to ourselves and those we care about to find the courage to live a life that feeds a our true desires; to face opportunities of change and challenge with the same courage and diligence as this country’s forefathers whose efforts and desires manifested its independence.

In celebration of the spirit of freedom and independence, I an offering all of my ebooks and guides for $1 for the holiday weekend!  These tools will help you to be inspired, set direction and be brave!

12 simple things (2)
S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A (1)

S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A


S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A (4)

S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A (2)

12 simple things

Getting better can seem so complicated!

Eat this – Don’t eat that – Do it like this – Don’t do it like that – Do it now- Do it later. Go faster – Go slower – Take this – Don’t take that – Go here- Stay there – Buy this – Don’t buy that!

It can all get pretty overwhelming!

The truth is, whatever our current state, we all want to get a little better. We want to be better tomorrow than we are today.

I’ve discovered that there are some pretty simple things that all of us can do consistently to make our lives, mind and body substantially better and I share a few of them in my new project– 12 simple things

• You’ll receive 12 simple things to do for better health & wellness. And for 21 days you will commit to taking small and simple steps to complete each one.

• Your 12 simple things PRINT IT – POST IT- PLANNER™ sheet will reveal the simple thing to do. It will share its benefits and provide helpful suggestions on getting it done. You can do them all at once or one each month or a couple at a time.

• It will encourage you to post your experiences and progress. At the end of your 21 days, you will have a clear picture of where you were, where you are now and how and why you’re better!

So, print your sheet, post it where you can see it and plan to do 12 simple things!

Pay What You Want and Download it here !

It’s an old message, “take better care of yourself so you can take better care of the people and things you care about.” I’m not going to tell you that I’ve figured out how but what I can tell you is over my 30+ adult years;

I’ve had 3 children I picked a husband who’s really pretty great! – I started a business for the primary purpose of encouraging people to be better. – I cook, wash clothes, clean, dust, and pay bills. – I scrub tubs & toilets and mop floors. – I repair what breaks, attend school events & meetings.- I discipline and defend. – I encourage and wipe tears, hold hands and pat backs. – I make sure doctor’s appointments are kept. – I buy on sale and use coupons if I have them. – I cry and fight and yell, if that’s what it takes. – I make sure you take your meds and prescriptions are filled. – I search the grocery isles looking for exactly what you need.- I smile and whistle and cheer your name. – I check up on you in the middle of the night. – I make sure you’re warm and check for fever and bruises. – I give up the remote and I laugh only when you’re funny because you trust me not to deceive you. – I listen to when you complain and I am always on your side.  Read more on this from my post- How to Know When You’re Enough! 

I said all this to say that it appears quite obvious that I am more than enough for the people and things I care about.

But then the question becomes, am I enough for me!

Whether it’s by nature or nurture, we are quite comfortable giving away our stuff; our love, our time, charity, compassion, patience, friendship, our forgiveness and tolerance and even our bodies, as long as it’s in the best interest of those we love.

But where are WE in the line when we’re being so generous with our stuff? Are we in line at all or are we waiting to get what we need from someone else; someone who somehow cares more for us than we can are for ourselves. Is this even possible?

What happens for me and I think for most of us (us being women, girls, females, chicks, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends etc.) is that it feels good to take care of the people and things we care about.  There is a great sense of satisfaction that fills my heart and spirit when we know that those we love are ok and that we had a hand in their ok-ness.

It’s what we do. It is our role in the universe.

But around the age of 49 or so, my heart began to secretly pray, Lord …please let this be enough.

But I knew. I knew that it wasn’t.

I quickly realized that I would have to play catch up; that I would now have to learn to become the most important thing in my life; and that this was the only way that I was going to live out my fullest, truest and most complete life!

And I also discovered that, not finding myself first often enough over all these years was at the root of why I struggle/struggled with all those things me!

Up until this moment, my life had happily and naturally become this dance of moving back, stepping aside and waiting.

So, I made myself a promise and I want you to do the same. I promised myself to take now!

  • I’m taking now to …  say a prayer for me
  • I’m taking now to … heal & comfort myself
  • I’m taking now to … give myself time
  • I’m taking now to …  change my mind
  • I’m taking now to … wish myself the very best
  • I’m taking now to … be brutally honest with myself & you
  • I’m taking now to … rest.
  • I’m taking now to … forgive myself
  • I’m taking now to … find the courage to be brave for my own sake
  • I’m taking now to … provide myself the things I need as best I can.
  • I’m taking now to … remember to pat my own back
  • I’m taking now to … to cheer my name
  • I’m taking now to … tell myself that everything’s going to be alright!
  • I’m taking now to … have a little more self-respect
  • I’m taking now to … have what I call fun
  • I’m taking now to … cry HARD and be ok with it.
  • I’m taking now to … say, “no” and be ok with it.
  • I‘m taking now to … stop and be ok with it
  • I’m taking now to … refuse to justify my actions
  • I’m taking now to … let go of responsibility for your actions
  • I’m taking now to … to adopt a “fuck you” attitude whenever applicable.
  • I’m taking now to … let go of guilt, self-pity and other shitty feelings that hold me back
  • I’m taking now to … listen to that little voice in the back of my head and respond accordingly.
  • I’m taking now to… jump without letting how you feel about it stop me.
  • I’m taking now to … finally decide
  • I’m taking now to … say to myself, “girl, I LOVE YOU and YOU are the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE!”


A Female Guide

to Becoming the Most Important Thing in Your Life!

( The Book)

Coming Soon!

  1. Be careful not to let your gratefulness make you lazy.
  2. If you’re not consistently doing your best, maybe this thing is just not that important to you. Discover what’s honest worth your time and effort.
  3. Courage, Love & Service, these are three keys to living a life of purpose. Start with courage and the rest will follow.
  4. Hold hands. The human touch has the power to make you feel lke everything is going to be ok.
  5. Prepare your body to endure the journey of manifesting your goal.
  6. Learn CPR. Contact your local Red Cross.
  7. Kids are more resilient than you think. So don’t think you have to solve every problem they have or come to you with. Sometimes they just want you to listen, which is a whole lot easier!
  8. It’s not happening because you’re not ready. Continue to study, learn and prepare yourself. Get better!
  9. Know what’s happening in the world. Pick a credible news source to keep yourself current.
  10. Take a 15-20 minute power nap between 1:00- 3:00. Research shows that this will increase your creativity and productivity.

These are 10 of the 365 tips, quotes and other acts of common sense in my new ebook!

-A Daily Guide to Better-

365 Prayerful & Practical Tips, Quotes and Other Acts of Common Sense
to Help You Be Better!

A Daily Guide to Better, shares prayerful and practical life tips, many of which I used to manifest my own “happy'” life!  However, it’s important to note that happy it’s perfect because there is no such thing! 

But things can be better!

So, whether you are facing change or just need little reminders to help keep you going, A Daily Guide to Better, gives you simple, interactive and effective advice to help get you there!

– A Daily Guide to Better- 365 Prayerful & Practical Tips, Quotes and Other Acts of Common Sense to Help You Be Better!

$4.99 Immediate Download!

A couple of months ago I launched my first prayer ebook, Praying for the Greater Things!

First I want to thank all of my readers for continuing to support it…I am truly grateful!

But to be honest even though it is a book of prayers, it is more of a conversation with God, exposing all of the things in my own life that have at one time or another caused me to feel unworthy. You can read my earlier post on it here. And I think this is why it continues to resonate with readers, because they too see themselves in the words.

So, as an act of gratitude, I am sharing one of my favorite prayers from my ebook here with you!  I hope that you too find some light in it.

If you find that you would like to purchase the entire ebook, you can do that here:

Praying for the Greater Things

12 Power Prayers for Manifesting a Greater State of Worthiness 

$3.99 Immediate Download


Power Prayer 3- Gratitude & Forgiveness

Holy Father, I come to you in prayer and supplication thanking you for this day, overcome that I have been found worthy of yet one more. The reward of forgiveness has been granted to me far more than I feel myself worthy. I am grateful.

Gratitude and forgiveness are the bookends that hold together all that I value and wish to preserve.  But there have been too many times when I have chosen to complain, adopting a spirit of ungratefulness and intolerance; too often creating a mindset where appreciation is scarce.

Mold my heart Father, allow me to never again release the hands of these sister spirits.

I want my life at home, work and play to reflect the peace and understanding that comes with this grasp, so that others may reflect upon my example and be lifted up by it.

I pray for those who truly suffer; those who have underwent such great damage to their heart and mind that they have been left bitter, angry and mean, unable to see or appreciate the most obvious of blessings.  And because of this, forgiveness of others is not an option.

Allow them to turn to that Divine Spark of God that abides within us all, so that they may be granted the strength to take the most important step of first forgiving themselves.

I ask that you continue to bless and keep us all in Spirit, truth, grace, mercy and righteousness, in Jesus’ name.


Sometimes we get held up in our progress because we feel like we have too far to go, especially when we see others seemingly so far ahead of us.

Recently, my daughter went to visit a new friend at their house. And OMG this house was absolutely beautiful!

Her nanny/housekeeper greeted us and boy, I was so impressed!

As I looked around at all the loveliness that surrounded me, I began to feel a little overwhelmed. I immediately equated this lavishness with a level of success that was still way out of my reach.

When I returned home, all of the much needed repairs and aging of my own house was staring me unmercifully in the face and I just felt like knocking it all down and starting over!

But the next morning before I got out of bed, I had a revelation. (By the way, you are most likely to receive moments of inspiration and revelation in the early morning hours!)

So I begin to be reminded of not so much the condition of my home by what the various aspects of my home represented.

– My worn out walkway that leads to my front door represents the peace of mind that comes over me when I know that the day is over and once I complete those 21 steps I will find love and rest inside.

– My kitchen, although outdated, represents all of the baby bottles, cupcakes, Thanksgiving turkeys, dinners, conversations and the infinite amount of good ol’ fashion family time that has been experienced in that one room for over 20 years.

– My trees and hedges; although not always manicured and perfect, stand tall and you can see them from afar. So when I round the corner and see them in the distance, my heart settles in because I know I’m almost home. And the birds that call my trees home welcome me back with their chirping and songs.

I could actually go through every nuance of my home and assess its “true” beauty and value in this way.

So, to the naked eye, that great house was beautiful to behold and I’m sure filled with its owned inspired moments but for a minute, it held me up because I thought, “this is what success looks like.”

But the real truths are:

1. Material wealth is desired and nice. But it’s also temporary and does not guarantee happiness which is infinite and priceless.
2. Living well in a material sense takes intention, planning, sacrifice and hard work…nothing wrong with that!

3. The measure of success is best defined by the extent to which a thing allows you to experience love, purpose and grants you energy and resources to be of service to others.

Find the real value in what you have by recognizing what they inherently represent and your true riches will be revealed!

If you want more, plan, pray and prepare yourself for it and these things will manifest as well!

Stay the course!

Over the last 3 years, I have discovered many valuable tools that have been critical to helping me build my business.

No matter what it is you’re trying to do or what change you’re trying to make, it is a major advantage if your tools and approach are both simple and effective!

When you have to struggle too much to get it done, it only increases the chances that you’re going to give up!

Gumroad is possibly the most beneficial tool I use to date…

It is the tool I use to sell all of my ebooks & and upcoming ecourses!

Check them out here!

(By the way, I just want to take a second and say “thank you, thank you, thank you!” to all of the supporters of my ebooks. It literally takes my breath away knowing that my work has landed in the hands of those that really need it!)

OK, back to Gumroad…

It’s easy, secure and effective. This video from Fizzle (another amazing resource for building an online business), lays it all out much better than I could.

So, if you have a creative productive that you want to get out to your readers, clients, customers, etc, take 10 minutes & 29 seconds and listen to it.

Then I have an assignment for you…

Create something and sell it through Gumroad. It can be a poem, an instruction manual, an ebook etc.

The confidence you’ll gain from this simple process will be invaluable, plus you may make some money while you’re at it!

Let me know what you plan to do and when its done so we can all check it out!


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