“There is no difference between my humanness and your humanness, the only thing is if you’re trying to get there, you cannot stop believing.”- Tyler Perry

Focus, Hard Work, Believing & Grace

Pick one and start there; to get anything done successfully you will need to engage them all!

I started with grace. Grace has been defined as unmerited favor; goodness or gifts that are bestowed upon us that we have no reason to expect.

The challenge lies not in the lack of grace in our lives but lies in our inability to recognize and acknowledge it.  Acts of grace are abundant and are all around us. Here are a few gifts of grace that you may have lost sight of;

It is by God’s grace that:

  • We can ponder the idea of a life of greater purpose.
  • We desire right and not wrong.
  • We have this day

There are many, many people who work really hard to make great things happen but when you can walk in a spirit that is conscious of the grace factor, aware that even if you fall short, grace can not only make its way in and carry you over but it can bring you to the door of divine possibilities!

Make a list of moments of grace in your day to day life, while also making note of those moments when your reward far exceeded your expectations.  Make it a practice to acknowledge these moments.  This habit will humble your heart and make you more worthy than you will ever realize.


.. that ability to center our minds on the manifestation of one thing. Some of us are blessed with many gifts and it becomes difficult to choose what to solely commit ourselves to.  But know that if you are truly in line with your gift, no matter what you do, you will always return to it in some way.

Look for this!

Look for whatever that thing is that consistently appears in your life, that thing that you are always being told you’re good at. When people tell you you’re in the wrong business, what are they referring to?  Yeah, that!

Work to begin to narrow your energy and effort to this thing.  When you’re in line with your gift, focusing on it will be something you look forward to and you do gladly!   You just need to create a system that allows you to focus on it consistently and effectively.

Begin with these steps:

  1. Create your plan of action. It should have a small and doable end goal, one with easy action steps that will be easy to commit to. Once you’ve completed it, you will be more encouraged and have the confidence to move forward to something bigger and get even closer to where you’re headed.
  2. Decide when you have uninterrupted time to devote consistently to manifesting your plan of action. The important thing here is consistency; stopping and starting won’t get you there!
  3. Write it down. Keep a journal and pen ready for expected and unexpected ideas and inspiration.
  4. Stay organized.
  5. Find reliable support & resources.

Hard Work-

I think the concept of hard work is relative. On the outside, it may look like you are making tremendous sacrifices, laboring hours upon hours and YOU ARE. But what’s happening inside, is a spirit of excitement, eagerness and purpose!  You love it and in fact you lose all track of time.

Don’t be disillusioned, there will be times when you will want to stop, give up or question whether or not you’re on the right course.  These moments are the hardest.  These are the times when what you believe for yourself will either pick up and move you forward or have you to pack it up and call it a day…more on this later.

So, how do you ensure that your hard work is effective and that you’re not just running around chasing your tail?!

One of the most important keys to making sure your hard work pays off is a well thought out plan. The last thing you want to do is to jump out there and wing it. You will waste a lot of time and energy and open the door to failure and doubt. Know exactly what you’re going to do every time.  When you take the time to plan your hard work effectively, it will always yield good fruit, even if it’s not what you expected.

Five major components of a well thought out plan include:

  1. Goals- Long & Short Term
  2. Doable & Realistic Action Steps
  3. Reasonable Timetables
  4. Reliable Resources & Support Sources
  5. An Dependable Accountability System

Note the use of the words, doable, realistic, reasonable, reliable and dependable.  Don’t get so carried away with getting it done that you sabotage your efforts with unrealistic ideas and expectations.


This is where the magic is!  Your belief is what will sustain you when times get tough. Believing has the power to move barriers and can cause the universe to lean in your favor!

Believing in yourself is that part of your Spirit that speaks to what your true purpose is.  Either we listen to it and have the courage to act on it or we close our minds to it because we have yet to recognize and accept our God given potential, our gift!

Your belief system is nurtured and fortified every time you get it right!  When you are in line with your gift, you will begin to experience successes. They may be small at first, but that’s ok, that’s all you need for now.  These successes will validate that you are indeed on the right track.

They may not appear as you expect so be prepared to accepted them however they come.

So, I guess your question now is, what if I’m not getting it right? Suppose I’m not having any success at all?

My answer is to give it some time, only you will know how much.  If your allotted time has passed with no validation or confirmation that you’re headed the right way, slow down or stop all together. Review all that you have done. Reconsider your purpose and intention. Revise your strategy and start again.  Take the best of what you’ve done and redesign your vision, you have started out on this course for a reason; keep believing…you cannot stop believing!

Read much more on this in my ebook How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It! It’s free to download here!

Time For Prayer & Gratitude:

Thank You for renewing my spirit of hope and encouragement. Sometimes I get tired and it gets hard to stay on the path. These words of direction have strengthen me and I’m ready to go a little farther. Allow me to also be a source of encouragement to someone else along my way.


“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.” —Drew Carey

We’ve all heard the saying, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”…ok, but what do we do in the mean time?  How are we supposed to find or stay connected to our true purpose when we are stuck doing work we don’t love ?!

When I’ve found myself in this dilemma, here are the steps I took to stay connected and on the path!

1.      Get creative!  From time to time come up with ideas on how to incorporate what you love into your work while staying in line with doing what you have to do.

I have a passion for being of service and for helping people to accomplish things they never thought they would.

So, when I was once in a not so happy workplace, I created a community event called the South Dade Summer Camp Fair.  It wasn’t a part of my job description to do this event but it was something that I felt strongly about bringing to the Community and it fell in line with the overall mission of the agency.

This event brought together dozens of summer camp programs and services from across South Dade; many of which the residents would not have otherwise been aware existed.

It required a lot of coordination and planning but it was an undertaking that I happily took on because I knew how important it was to the children and families we served.

Because I was so passionate about the event, I did not charge a fee for the camps to participate because I didn’t want money to be a deterrent.  Instead, I asked for donations which allowed my agency to make much more money than they would have had I charged a standard fee.

So, at the end of the day;

  • Dozens of programs and agencies participated
  • Residents were informed and assisted
  • We raised more money than expected.
  • I and the agency I worked for built healthy and long standing relationships within the Community.
  • I was seen as dedicated, selfless, hardworking and a self-starter.
  • And I felt connected to something bigger than the task at hand…my true purpose!……..Win-Win!

 2. Take yourself out of the mix- 

Instead; connect to who, what or why you’re doing it.  You may have to go deep before you find a worthy cause but it’s there, so keep looking. When we can remove our feelings i.e. frustrations, exhaustion, boredom, etc. from the task at hand and focus on the benefit the task will have on someone else, it will immediately change our attitude and create a better outcome.

3. Only you can do it-

Good or bad, you’ve found your way to this place right now at this moment for a reason. You have been selected to make this thing happen. There is something about you that is required at this moment in order manifest the appropriate outcome, if not, then it would not have been so. Take up the charge and respond knowing that you were chosen!

Or maybe your purpose for being there may not be obvious, it maybe something as unexpected as establishing a lifelong friendship or maybe even to find the love of your life, so keep your eyes and heart open!

Maybe there is something you must learn, an experience you must go through or someone you must meet in order to get you to where you’re SUPPOSE to be.

4.  Ask out loud “why I’m I here? (preferably when you’re alone).

Listen for the answer, it may not reveal itself right away, but it will come.

By incorporating these practices, great things are bound to follow:

  • You will feel more fulfilled once the task is completed.
  • Others will see you as dedicated, smart and positive to work with and pleasant to be around.
  • You will have greater successes.
  • You will sleep better because you know you’ve happily done your best.
  • You will be more optimistic about what the next day will hold!
  • You will inspire someone else to do the same!

And at some point, you will find that you’re spending less & less time doing things that suck and more & more time maybe not living your purpose but preparing for it!

Time for Prayer & Gratitude

Say this with me…

Thank you for the patience, tolerance and peace of mind that will allow me to get through this day…Lord knows I gonna need it!” :)

Make it Happen Credo

We’re working at it really hard, we’re studying, learning, writing thinking, planning every day!

But how is anyone supposed to know what we’re doing, if we don’t shout it out from the roof tops!

Open the windows and the doors! In other words, to get the life you want, you have to find every opportunity to put yourself and your work out there so it can find you! (click to tweet)

We find excuse after excuse to wait;

  • I’m not ready!
  • It’s not ready!
  • Suppose it’s not as good I think it is?
  • Suppose I’m as good as I think!

I once had a friend to tell me that after she lost weight she would start her blog! I still don’t get that one and she couldn’t quite explain it either!

The truth is you can always find a reason not to move forward.  You can put a thing off forever!

And yes, you may not be ready and it may not be ready and it may in fact not be as good as you think but if you’re brave, here’s what you can look forward to!

  1. The feedback you’ll get will be invaluable, even if it hurts!
  2. Once you make the first step, you’ll realize you’re brave enough to take a second step!
  3. You’ll be that much closer to where you’re going.
  4. Once you start, there’s no going back…and that’s a good thing!
  5. You may realize that you ARE ready, it IS ready and it IS as good as you thought! Wouldn’t that be great?! But you wont know until you GO!

Go to my Gumroad page and Download my ebook How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It!   It’s Free Until June 7th! It will definitely help to get you on your way!

Time for Prayer and Gratitude

Say This With Me…

Thank you God for the courage to do even the smallest of things, for this I’m truly grateful because I know that “small” is relative .  Allow me the power and energy to grow in courage, wisdom and understanding so that I may be a help to the world as a whole.


So, as I thought about today’s post, I decided to post this video that I posted on my blog inspirationenergy. It is powerful and to the point .  I took the opportunity to highlight some of the great quotes for you to share and refer to when you need some valuable motivation!

“The thing that I live for is inspiration.”- Kim Hastreiter- (click to tweet)

“I always wanted to be a writer/editor; I never doubted for a second.”- Christene Barberich- (click to tweet)

“This is the job I want and the job I deserve and I’m just gonna tough it out!”- Jil Abramson- (click to tweet)

“Things will become easier when you really like what you do.”- Jeanne Yang – (click to tweet)

“Instead of paying to go to school, go and work somewhere for little or free…work for someone you admire.”- Kim Hastreiter (click to tweet)

“When you are in the environment of a work place, you can gain more knowledge than sometimes in a classroom.”- Jeanne Yang (click to tweet)

“I have learned more by my failures than by my successes and probably had more failures.”- Jane Rosenthal (click to tweet)

“The richer you are as a person the more interesting you will be as a performer”- Renee Robinson- (click to tweet)

“Sometimes it takes a little bit longer than you think.”- Christene Barberich- (click to tweet)

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other out and I really truly believe that.”- Jeanne Yang- (click to tweet)

“Each person will have to find the specific details of what they will need to make their journey it’s most sparkly!” – Rene Robinson (click to tweet)

It’s just who we are. We tend to the needs of others every day, all day!  And most times we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. But the bottom line is, we have to see about us too and in most cases first!

In order to withstand the weight of change, especially one that is self-initiated, it is helpful to have an assessment of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health can make the difference between not only success and failure, but whether we even get our ideas off the ground at all!

Under taking a new project can be hard and maintaining any level of success is even harder; so it’s necessary to prepare ourselves as best we can for the journey.

This is where I say I am not a healthcare professional, mental or otherwise.  This is just my common sense approach to honestly assessing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and creating a plan to be better!

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you complete your Feel Better, Be Better Assessment!


  • How are you feeling? Any aches or pains?
  • When was your last doctor’s appointment?  Is it time for a visit?
  • Are you updated on all of your medical tests for your age and medical history?
  • Do you eat well?
  • Are you exercising?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?

 Based on your answers, you’re either good to go or you have some appointments to make and work to do!

Here’s how to get started!

  • Start with whatever is easiest and go from there.
  • Be specific about your goals; dont use broad general statements about what you’re going to do
  • Create a plan measured in baby steps (if necessary)
  • Use credible sources
  • Be Consistent
  • Ask for Help
  • Seek out Accountability
  • Follow through!

Download by my ebook- How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It! for more details on how to get this done. Pay what you want or pay nothing at all and just get started!

Mental/ Emotional-

  • Emotionally, how are you feeling most of the time; happy, sad, anxious, depressed, stressed, optimistic, energetic, exhausted, overly emotional etc?
  • Have you ever wondered that maybe you should talk to someone, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor etc.?
  • Are your friends or family constantly telling you…”You need to see somebody about THAT?!”
  • Have you ever had a traumatic experience? If so, what was it and have you ever talk about how it affected you with anyone?

Now, look at your responses and decide if you think it would be beneficial to talk to mental health professional or even  the clergy. Even if everything appears to be cool, it never hurts to talk to someone especially if you think it will make you feel better.


There is a power source greater than ourselves, whether we call it Spirit, God, Jehovah, the Absolute etc. Learning how to connect and stay connected to that source can provide strength, courage, inspiration and motivation when we need it most.

Here are some of ways I stay connected to Spirit.  Maybe they can be helpful to you as well!

1.     Create a morning prayer and gratitude ritual.

  • Every morning before I get out of bed, I verbally thank God for the day and ask that he guides me throughout my day.

2.     Develop simple prayerful practices and habits that you can incorporate sporadically throughout the day.

  • Throughout the day, I say things like,
    • “Lord Be With Me”
    • “Thank you Father”
    • “God is good”
    •  “I’ll see what the Lord says”
    • “In Jesus’ name, here we go!”
    • “Father, give me the words”
    • When my kids leave the house for school, I say God is good and they in turn say…all the time!

3.     Carry motivational/inspirational material in your purse, pocket, car or phone to refer in times of an emergency of any sort.

  • I carry a little green Bible that I got in college. I’ve been carrying that same Bible with me for almost 30 years now and I really think it saved my sanity when I became pregnant with my son. I’ll share that story at some point soon.

4.     Find a Church or Spirit Family and participate often.

  • If you don’t have a church or Spirit family, look around and see what’s close.  Where do your friends or family go to worship?
  • I attended a local church where my daughters initially attended daycare. They were very, very good to my children and that encouraged me to attend one of their church services. I have made lifelong friendships there. I now practice prayer services at my home.

5.     End the day in prayer/mediation and gratitude

  • Each night I get on my knees and begin my prayers in gratitude for the day and all the goodness that was granted to me and those I love.
  • I ask for continued strength and guidance, grace and mercy
  • I pray for those who truly suffer, that they too be guided and strengthened and drawn closer to the Spirit of God that abides within them
  • As a form of extended prayer and meditation I often silently call on the name of Jesus until I’m calm and relaxed and ready bring my day to a peaceful end.

Download by my ebook- How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It!  It’s is full of advice and strategies for getting things done.  Pay what you want or pay nothing at all and just get started!

So that’s it.

Take this time for yourself. Figure out what you need to do to feel better and do it and If you think you know someone who may find this post helpful, please share.

Time for Prayer & Gratitude

Thank you for this day and for granting me the energy, life, breath and strength to move forward.

“Right may not be expedient, it may not be profitable but it will satisfy your soul.”- Dr. Maya Angelou

We all have something that we need to deal with in our character or spirit. We lie, cheat, steal, talk about our friends behind their backs.  We’re jealous, envious, spiteful and selfish!

I’m talking about the ugly things that you do in secret or when you think nobody is watching.  Or those things that you do intentionally even when you know they’re wrong or they are going to really piss somebody off ! Or maybe you’re just plain old mean, insensitive or hurtful.

Whatever the case, you have to come to grips with the fact that maybe all those hurtful things your friends and family say about you are true!

It may not be that you’re a bad person but if your behavior hinders or interferes with the life and dreams of other people, then this is a problem! This type of behavior kills dreams and damages the spirit and you have no right to inflict this on anyone!

In order for us to make any kind of meaningful break through much less accomplish a lifelong dream, we have to address this sort of behavior, there is no getting around it!  And even though good things happen to bad people all the time, every day, eventually, one way or another, it all catches up to you.

If you’re generally a “good” person and most of us are, this task of identifying those things we need to come clean about maybe even harder than you expect.  We are so accustom to justifying our weaknesses or calling them something other than what they are.

There is no 30 day or 12 step solution to fixing this. These changes must take place over time through your genuine desire, and conscious intention to just do right!

Here are a few steps to help us to do just that..

1.    Admit it!- Be honest with yourself and make a list of those things you do that are just not right. If you cant come up with anything,  ask your family, friends and enemies, I’m sure they’ll be glad to tell you.

2. Make a conscious effort to substitute this behavior with its exact opposite behavior. -Here are a few of my own challenges and what I plan to do about it

Negative Behavior: Opposite Behavior:
I can be selfish- I will become more aware of my moments of   selfishness and will not justify the behavior. I will create moments when I   will practice moments of generosity for generosity’s sake.
I can be thoughtless and thankless to those I love and those that love me- I will create practices that will remind me of how   important those I love are to me and ensure that these practices incorporate   ways to show my appreciation to them.
I’m socially insensitive and I don’t remember  people’s names.- I will be more conscious of people’s feelings in   general and I will take extra effort to remember people’s name by writing it   down or just admitting to the at the moment that I just don’t remember their   names and ask for their forgiveness and promise to do better.

3.   Say you’re sorry and ask for forgiveness-   Say you’re sorry to whom ever has it coming.  Admit that you’ve been wrong and let them know that you’re making a conscious effort to change this behavior and you hope that they would accept your apology.

4.   Keep a journal of your list and the results of these steps and document how the process makes you feel and the impact its had on your life.- You’ll find that over time, your head will be clearer, your heart will be fuller and you will have began to make room in your mind and spirit for all the good that’s been waiting for you!

Time for Spirit & Gratitude

Say this with me:

“Thank you for every morning that You allow my feet to touch the  floor of my bedroom as I get out of bed.  So very often, I feel unworthy but I am so grateful that You say that I am.” And I will somehow use this energy that You have granted me this day to demonstrate this gratitude toward others”


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