Yeah, we’d be better off sooner, if we are able to avoid the excuses and dive right into taking ownership of our circumstances.

But the fact is that most times, we’re just not ready! And until we’re ready, we make excuses.

Blaming something else, anything else…the weather, the kids, time, the lack of money, resources etc. places us in this emotional cocoon that protections us until we find the courage to break free.

So don’t hate yourself for making excuses but don’t marry yourself to them either.

Recognize that making excuses is an emotional effort to protect and camouflage the fact that right now, you’re afraid.

You know that right now, you don’t have the courage to move forward so you make an excuse. And for this moment it’s ok.

At the very least, making excuses reminds you that the potential for this thing is still alive.

However, when you find yourself making excuses, embrace it. Accept that this is what you’re doing. This is the hardest and most important step in coming out of this false cocoon, keeping you from where you want to be.

The next time you feel like you want to make an excuse, promise yourself that you’ll ask for help instead.

You don’t have to go at this thing alone.

Even when you’re doing everything you know to do, there are still moments when it looks like it’s not doing to work out. You fret about what to do next or if you should just let it go all together.  No inspiring quote or words of encouragement will seem to be able to sway your mood or sense of discouragement.

When you come to this place, let it in. Run through all your feelings of doubt, frustration and exhaustion. Accept that this is where you are right now. Accept that right now, things suck!

Know that this valley time is temporary.

And at some point may be tomorrow or even next week, you’ll find that these feelings have faded a little bit, that things may not be as bad as your thought. Your head now feels a little bit clearer and you can vaguely see a little light in the distance. You begin to recognize the familiarity of hope.

Recall your faithfulness. Remember the moments when things were less and then more again.

If not, if these feelings never seem to fade, if you can’t seem to kick the feeling that it’s all wrong, then it probably is.

In this case, consider a new course and use all that you have learned and gained during this time as tools to build upon.

Start again!

The Art of Going to Bed (5)

Ladies, we do it all! We take care of homes, the kids, the job and even one another. It’s time to take a little extra care of yourself! 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “women tend to multi-task and use more of their actual brain than men leading to a greater need for sleep. Essentially, the more you use your brain during the day, the more it needs to rest while asleep.” 

And the lack of proper sleep can have an overwhelmingly negative effect your mental health, physical health, productivity and overall quality of life.

The Art of Going to Bed celebrates simple steps for investing in the most important part of the day, preparing to sleep!

Between our careers, families and other important things we care about, taking the time to care for ourselves often takes a back seat.

As a mom, wife and entrepreneur I had to find creative moments  to nurture and sustain my mind, body and spirit and preparing to sleep has become a vital and sacred practice that I award myself with at the end of the day.

This practice helps me to resign the stresses of the day, submit to rest and rise better prepared to face the challenges of the day!

Inside You’ll Find Specifics on How to:

  • Prepare your mind & body for sleep.
  • Create a living space that encourages sleep & relaxation.
  • Introduce practices that trigger the time for sleep.
  • Create a routine that helps to relieve late night worry and unexpected frustrations
  • Replace habits that feed anxiety with habits that foster peace & tranquility

You deserve this-Let’s get ready for bed.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the information provided in The Art of Going to Bed should not substitute for or be considered as a medical or mental health tool. I don’t dispense medical advice of any kind. The information provided is general in nature, given with the intent of assisting you in your quest to prepare to sleep.

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 How to Begin to Believe-

– Praying for the Greater Things-

– Lord, Lord- Prayers to Pray When Everything’s A Mess!

– A Daily Guide to Better

“The faintest ink is better than the best memory”- Chinese Proverb

It has happened to all of us; something really important slips our mind; a great idea, concept or saying etc!

And once it’s gone, you’ll always wonder if what you were able to recover was really what it was originally or is it some lesser version of its original self. Or what’s even worse, you realize that you can’t recall it at all and it’ lost forever…DAMN!

Then you can’t help but think, what would have come of it?  Was that it? Was that the game changer? Did I miss another great opportunity?!

Here are 6 common sense tips to capturing all of your great ideas and thoughts and never miss another great opportunity again!

  1. Watch out for the Jedi Mind Trick! – You see, your mind is gonna tell you something like, “This idea I so great, so simple, so obvious that you’ll NEVER forget it! There’s no way you’re going to forget it, NO. WAY! And we fall for it! Then an a couple of hours later after you’ve cooked dinner and fed the kids, and now you  sit down to build on that great idea you had but then…poof, it’s gone!  The way to combat this is to expect that this is going to happen! Expect that your mind is going to try to convince you not take any measures to capture this information. Don’t fall for it! Odds are, you’re going to forget it, you just are!
  1. Over 50? – If you’re around 50 and anything like me, you’re forgetting even simple every day stuff like where you put your keys or cell phone or my favorite…what did I come in here for?!  These are the times when you have to take extra measures to capture your ideas so make note of these tips because once you leave this page, you’re probably going to forget you were ever here!
  1. Don’t be fooled by the size of things- Just because it’s small like a name, number, or date, doesn’t mean it’s easy to remember. Anything having to do with numbers these days is a little tricky because technology has taken away the need to remember them. And names today are mostly replaced by images. There are many memorization techniques that can help you with numbers and names but who has time for that?!  If you do, great!
  1. Don’t be Lazy!- Sometimes we sacrifice things we should remember because we simply don’t want to get up! If the tool we need to help us retain the information isn’t easily accessible, we let the idea die because we’re just too lazy to get up and make the effort.  If this is the case, you deserve to lose out…sorry.
  1. Make an audio/video recording- This could be a little embarrassing if you’re not alone and it could be a little noisy depending on where you are. But it is a viable option if this appeals to you. Most cell phone come with audio/video recording capabilities so knock yourself out!
  1. Send An Email Message to Yourself. This has its advantages as you will have preserved your information online and can retrieve it at any time forever; as long as you have the appropriate electronic device and access to the internet and your battery doesn’t die or the power doesn’t go out…you get my point!
  1. Write it Down!- YES, the faintest ink is better than the best memory!

This leads us to my favorite, the good old tried and true pen & paper! For me, nothing beats a pen and a plain ol’ piece of paper. I recommend buying a small journal for the sole purpose of recording moments of genius.

You can also invest in the more elaborate planners, journals or filofaxes. I suggest you check them out online before you invest.

But the bottom line is to take the time to write it out as it is in your head at that moment. Don’t abbreviate and be neat because if not, you won’t know what anything means later on when you’re out of the moment.

And some of the best things about the pen and paper are that, they’re cheap and you don’t have to worry about anybody trying to steal them from you! They don’t need to be charged or plugged  or paid for!

Maintaining a simple habit of immediately writing down my thoughts, ideas and inspiration has allowed me the energy to propel myself forward in my family life and business. It helps to build confidence, motivation and a sense of preparedness.

On July 4th, we celebrate our Country’s Declaration of Independence.  We celebrate freedom and liberty!

In our day to day-ness, our freedom to set our path and make our own choices, is the foundation on which the quality of our lives is built.  But with this freedom however, there is a tremendous responsibility to ourselves and those we care about to find the courage to live a life that feeds a our true desires; to face opportunities of change and challenge with the same courage and diligence as this country’s forefathers whose efforts and desires manifested its independence.

In celebration of the spirit of freedom and independence, I an offering all of my ebooks and guides for $1 for the holiday weekend!  These tools will help you to be inspired, set direction and be brave!

12 simple things (2)
S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A (1)

S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A


S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A (4)

S W I M  I N  T H E  S E A (2)

12 simple things

Getting better can seem so complicated!

Eat this – Don’t eat that – Do it like this – Don’t do it like that – Do it now- Do it later. Go faster – Go slower – Take this – Don’t take that – Go here- Stay there – Buy this – Don’t buy that!

It can all get pretty overwhelming!

The truth is, whatever our current state, we all want to get a little better. We want to be better tomorrow than we are today.

I’ve discovered that there are some pretty simple things that all of us can do consistently to make our lives, mind and body substantially better and I share a few of them in my new project– 12 simple things

• You’ll receive 12 simple things to do for better health & wellness. And for 21 days you will commit to taking small and simple steps to complete each one.

• Your 12 simple things PRINT IT – POST IT- PLANNER™ sheet will reveal the simple thing to do. It will share its benefits and provide helpful suggestions on getting it done. You can do them all at once or one each month or a couple at a time.

• It will encourage you to post your experiences and progress. At the end of your 21 days, you will have a clear picture of where you were, where you are now and how and why you’re better!

So, print your sheet, post it where you can see it and plan to do 12 simple things!

Pay What You Want and Download it here !


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